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Aastra MX-ONE TSW Operation & Maintenance Description
Instructor-Led Course Description

Teaching Method Part Number
3-Day Stand-up Instruction in Frisco TX.


Prerequisites Num of Trainees
  • Understanding of basic telephony concepts
  • Understanding of basic networking concepts
  • Basic computer and software skills
8 Students per class

Audience Price per Seat
  • Field installers and Technicians
  • Database managers
  • Administrators
  • Operations managers
  • Support staff

This course is designed to teach MX-ONE TSW system administrators the skills needed to:
  • Identify the component parts of a TSW system, and the roles and interconnections of those components
  • Utilize technical documentation to locate required information, procedures, and command descriptions
  • Understand licensing processes and controls
  • Manage interface boards and configuration
  • Add and configure analog, digital, and IP/H.323 extensions
  • Configure and use common call-features
  • Configure IP/H.323 telephones for proper operation
  • Provision digital operators
  • Configure T1/ISDN and IP/H.323 trunking and routing
  • Manage Least Cost Routing configuration and control call capabilities and allowance
  • Backup and Restore a TSW system
  • Troubleshoot basic hardware and configuration issues
Within the course, students configure newly installed (clean) TSW systems to support analog, digital, and IP/H.323 telephone sets and call features. In addition, students configure T1/ISDN and IP/H.323 routing between systems and implement data to control call routing between systems. Students also backup and maintain the system and troubleshoot various defined issues throughout the course.
  • Training room equipped with LCD projector, white boards
  • 4 MX-ONE TSW Systems and software
  • 8 computers with required software
Course Contents
Using a balanced mix of theory and practical exercises the MX-ONE TSW O&M course covers the following areas:
  • TSW hardware architecture
  • Technical documentation overview
  • Maintenance interface configuration and use
  • Interface card management
  • Licensing administration
  • Alarms and system status
  • Backups and Restores
  • Extension management and configuration
  • Common Call Feature configuration and use
  • TSW digital operators configuration and use
  • TSW Call Routing
  • Routes and trunking
  • Call Control


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